DAA/Tube Assembly Only 9,38,40 for Mini XL650 Case Feeder

DAA/Tube Assembly Only 9,38,40 for Mini photo
Availability: Within 5 days
SKU: 102380
Material: Brass
Caliber: .40, .38, 9 mm
An additional 6-tube Magazine Assembly for your Mini XL650 Case Feeder.

This tube assembly is not caliber specific and can be used for brass ranging from 9mm through .38 to .40. It is NOT suitable for .45 brass.

It will hold about 150 pcs of 9mm brass, 130 pcs of .40 and about 120 pcs of .38S.


- When filling the tubes, rotate the base of the assembly so that it is positioned between tubes- that way none of the columns line up with the hole in the bottom – and the brass won’t fall out prematurely.
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