DAA Silicone Gel Replacement Ear Pads for 3M/Peltor Earmuffs

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Most electronic hearing protectors on the market today, do not come with expensive silicone gel ear pads. They usually come with basic foam pads which do not offer good comfort levels during long time wear and use. Daa has found the solution to this issue by designing two amazing new Silicone Gel Ear Pad sets specifically for the 3M Peltor and MSA Sordin electronic hearing protectors. The DAA Silicone Gel Replacement Ear Pad set includes two silicone ear pads and 2 new foam insulation cushions. Models are available to fit the line of MSA Sordin Electronic ear defenders, and an additional model designed to fit the 3M Peltor hearing protectors.

The Peltor model which has been tested to fit perfectly on the Sportac, WS Sportac, Protac III, Sport Tactical 100 and the X4A passive models. In fact, they should fit most of the entire Peltor lineup.

The DAA Silicone Gel Replacement Ear Pads greatly improve both the comfort and performance of the hearing protectors. The Silicone in the pads is in a gel state form, which prevents leakage, even if the tough outer layer is accidentally punctured. Additionally, the pads improve comfort during long term wear by slightly increasing the space available for the ear. The gel solution format also creates a better fit to the shape of the head, sealing perfectly around the side-arms of safety glasses, which in turn ensures improved sound protection levels when compared to normal foam/robber/plastic pads that are normally supplied with hearing protectors sold. Try Silicone Gel pads to believe it for yourself! The improvement is MASSIVE!

The two models available are precisely engineered to easily, but firmly click into place onto the hearing protectors and stay firmly in place. The gel portion of the pads is welded (not glued) to the strong plastic base, ensuring that it will never separate or come loose, even if left in a hot vehicle for a week!

The DAA Silicone Gel Replacement Ear Pads will improve the sound protection, performance and comfort of wear of any Sordin or Peltor model set, and perform great for years to come!

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