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CED is extremely proud of the DAA Race Master Competition Holster. Designed by DAA, with more than 30 years of top-level competition experience lead to its design. Try one, and we are sure you will agree!

The DAA Race Master Holster was designed with several goals in mind:

  • To offer the best and most advanced release system on the market
  • To offer a wide range of position adjustments – and to hold those settings rock solid
  • To offer both a fully locked safety feature and tension adjustment capabilities
  • To allow the user to change from one gun type to another without having to buy a complete new holster
  • To look sharper and cooler than any other race holster out there
  • Right hand model available in black, silver, blue and red colors / Left hand model is available in black color only

The Race Master Hanger

In the tradition of excellence, DAA always strives to provide the consumer the latest in design, function, and technology. Combining the experience from the Racer and Race Master lines, as well as range testing and customer feedback, they launched an improved hanger.

The Race Master Hanger now combines the best features from the original Race Master hanger and the Racer Hanger. It keeps the wide aluminum belt bracket, but modifies the attachment point which provides a wider range of adjustment. An embedded and serrated washer between belt-hanger and vertical rod ensures a secure tighten fit. The round 10mm vertical rod allows a broad range of rotation and 16mm (2/3”) of additional downward adjustment. The ball-joint housing eliminates fitting issues, and provides a secure lockup for the ball-joint and a larger tilt range.

The Ball Joint pin locks into the holster body by a larger M8 screw, eliminating the need for the small wedge previously used.

Also added into the hanger design, is a self adjusting thigh pad, designed to wrap itself to the user’s leg, providing all-day comfort.

Looking the Part of a top Professional!

The Race Master Holster is as attractive as it is functional. The design and construction is state-of-the-art. The entire holster is CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum material and stainless steel, which is then hard anodized to offer a long-lasting surface finish in a range of colors including: Black, Blue, Red, Silver-Gray, Purple, and Gold colors.

Patent-Pending Locking Mechanism!

At the very core of the Race Master Holster is an innovative Patent-pending locking system that is designed for smooth fast release of the pistol, while retaining a solid grip on the pistol when holstered.

Unlike competitors, who rely on a muzzle support to hold the pistol steady, or short holsters, which allow the pistol to rock when holstered, the Race Master holds the pistol so firmly that the user cannot tell the pistol from the holster! When drawn from the holster, it is smooth, fast, and resistance free!

The incredible locking function is achieved by means of a unique magnetic sliding block, formed precisely around the front end of the trigger guard. This fitting is the reason for the pistol’s incredible stability in the holster. As it is drawn from the holster, the insert block, which resides in an angled track, slides up and out to the side, quickly releasing the trigger guard and allowing the pistol to be drawn with fractions of an inch of upward movement required in order to clear the holster.

Unlimited Adjustability

One of the most important features of any competition holster is adjustability. Being able to position the pistol exactly as needed can make the difference between a lightning-fast and consistently stable draw or that of a poorly failed attempt.

The DAA Race Master Holster provides almost unlimited adjustability. Thanks to its rugged aluminum construction and large-threaded screws, once fitted to the belt properly as desired, it stays put!

Unlike other holsters on the market, the DAA Race Master is designed to allow the user access to almost all of the adjustment screws while being worn on the belt. No need to remove the belt to adjust the height of the gun or the distance from the body! The user can even unlock the ball-socket hinge and adjust any angle of the holster while being worn. This is a massive advantage in setting up your holster exactly as you want it to be.

Pistol Retention

Thanks to the Patent-pending magnetic locking mechanism in the insert block assembly, the Race Master Holster offers a secure lock/unlock safety lever that secures the pistol when needed completely and safely.

The spring-loaded lock/unlock safety lever is conveniently positioned just below the trigger guard, enabling the user to release the lock with an upward flick of the finger as you close your hand around the pistol. The spring-loaded lever immediately snaps into place, either locked or unlocked, ensuring secure positioning and very fast draws.

Pistol Compatibility

The DAA Race Master Holster is pistol-specific! Uniquely, it is designed to enable the user to switch from one pistol to another without having to buy a completely new holster and rig. All that is needed is to change the relatively inexpensive magnetic locking-block assembly, which is available separately. Now you can use the same holster for different pistols!

The DAA Race Master Holster is available in over 35 different models through the unique magnetic insert assembly blocks. New models are added frequently and can be viewed in the pull down menu on the website.

** NOTE: The Left Hand DAA Race Master Holster model is available in black color only!

*** NOTE: If you are ordering a holster or an insert block for a CZ TS checkmate, be advised the 2017 frame has changed.


Read the following instructions carefully before using this holster or Insert Block:

  • Never holster a loaded firearm without first engaging its safety.
  • Check periodically to ensure your safety is functioning correctly.
  • Never disengage the safety of the firearm until well clear of the holster and the muzzle is pointing down range.
  • Make sure you are fully familiar with the correct use, and adjustment of your DAA Holster before attempting to use it with a loaded firearm.
  • Make sure that you have the correct holster/Insert model for your type of firearm.
  • Do not use a holster that is unsuited to your firearm, as that could result in unreliable retention or release which could lead to a fatal accident.
  • Never use a trigger shoe or a widened trigger with this holster.
  • Double check that the retention and release work well, particularly if any modifications have been made to your firearm.
  • Care must be taken to ensure the gun is placed properly when returned to the holster. It if it is not positioned correctly, it will not be held securely and may fall out.
  • Never holster the gun quickly or with force, as that increases the chance of making contact with the trigger.
  • Any adjustment or modification to the holster design may render it unsafe or cause malfunction.
  • Take care that the firearm is not dislodged or knocked when holstered, particularly when the holster’s safety lever is unlocked. As this holster has no muzzle support, take care that the muzzle of the gun is not bumped upwards, as this may dislodge the gun from the holster
  • Keep your fingers well clear of the trigger when holstering and drawing the firearm.
  • The holster should be locked when running or jumping with a holstered gun, or you should keep your hand on the gun’s grip to prevent it accidentally falling.
  • Handling a loaded firearm, and drawing it from a holster is inherently dangerous. You do so entirely at your own risk and responsibility.
  • Liability is limited only to the replacement of this holster or parts thereof. No additional warranties are expressed or implied by the manufacturer or the distributors.

NOTE: If you are ordering a holster or an insert block for a CZ TS checkmate, be advised the 2017 frame has changed. Click here for more details.





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