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The DAA Alpha-X magazine pouches are an evolution grown from the Race Master pouches, that have been the Double-Alpha flagship mag pouch for years. As in the Race Master line, the new Alpha-X pouches have aluminum construction offering unparalleled durability and a striking appearance.

History has taught us that an aluminum pouch sometimes is not as smooth-drawing as one made of plastic, so DAA created the best of both worlds. The Alpha-X pouch incorporates a new innovative removable internal spacer system that totally envelopes the magazine when seated in the pouch. The magazine does not have any direct contact with the aluminum sidewalls at all.

The new spacers also center the magazine in the middle of the pouch, regardless of their size. For the first time ever in a magazine pouch, the Alpha-X pouch offers a height-adjustable bridge support positioned under the magazine, allowing the user to determine how deeply the magazine is seated into the pouch.

The innovation and improvements designed into the Alpha-X Mag Pouch do not stop with its new inserts and striking new look. The mounting system is completely re-engineered as well. The new ball joint is held in the belt hanger using a pressure coupling rather than the grub screws used in the Race Master pouches. This new design offers a totally secure lock up and the option to make minute adjustments to the pouch’s angle and tilt without creating any “memory dimples” on the ball joint. Additionally, the ball joint can be attached to the pouch in several different positions, allowing a full range of height adjustable for right-hand, left-hand or bullets-out users.

Finally, to offer that personalized touch, a dash of color can be added to the DAA Alpha-X mag pouch with the full color range of laser cut plastic inlays, available for user installation.

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