Blade-Tech D/OS Signature OWB Holster

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Color: Black
Compatibility-2: Glock, Glock 43
Using Hand: Right
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The Signature outside the waistband holster boasts everything you've come to know and love about our Classic OWB, plus increased durability at a lower price point. This holster is RMR Compatible and is made using an exceptionally strong proprietary blend of polymers that allow us to precision-mold the Signature OWB holster with impeccable accuracy.


Innovation meets versatility in the Blade-Tech original design, TEK-LOK attachment. The TEK-LOK is convenient to attach and remove and features a secondary locking system for additional security. It is a customer favorite attachment for our outside the waistband holsters and mag pouches.


The Adjustable Stingray (ASR) Belt loop Features a movable belt shim to easily adjust sizing for various belt widths while maintaining a secure and close to the body Outside the Waistband fit. The ASR belt loop boasts a wide platform design to optimize stabilization on your belt.


The Paddle Attachment boasts a wide platform which increases stability. A curved design holds your firearm close to the body to limit the potential of printing for maximum concealment. The paddle is designed for all day carry and features an adjustable belt lug to accommodate 1.25''-2'' belt sizes.


Innovation meets versatility in the Blade-Tech original design, Small TEK-LOK attachment. The Small TEK-LOK is convenient to attach and remove and is a customer favorite belt attachment for single mag pouches or knife sheaths.

  • 3" Duty Loop

Blade-Tech knows that when our Men and Women in Blue are on the job, security is a top priority. We created our 3'' Duty Loop specifically with officers in mind. The internal adjustable shim allows the loop to accommodate belt widths up to 3'' while holding the holster securely to the belt. We craft this product out of thick, ultra-durable boltaron which is chemical resistant and designed to withstand high impact without ever cracking or faltering so your gear remains secure no matter what.

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