B-16 Picatinny Extender Zenitco

B-16 Picatinny Extender Zenitco photo
Availability: Backorder
SKU: Б-16
Brand: Zenitco
Color: Black
Material: Aluminium Alloy

The "B-16" rail  is used as an additional "Picatinny" rail.

The "B-16" rail is a milled product made of D16T alloy

Various installation options are possible.

Simple intuitive mounting of the bar on the weapon using two set screws.

Weight: 44 ± 2 g 

Size: 3.3x1.1x0.6in (85х27х15mm) ± 2 mm

Ambient temperature during operation: from -20 ° С to + 40 ° С 

In the kit :

  • "B-16" rail                                                1 pc
  • Allen key                                                 1 pc
  • Operation manual                                   1 pc

To install the B-16" rail you need:

1. Unscrew the set screws to the maximum length.
2. Install the bracket in any convenient place on the "Picatinny" rail.
3. Tighten the set screws with the Allen key.



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