Armacon AK to M4 Stock Adapter

Armacon AK to M4 Stock Adapter photo
Availability: In stock
SKU: Monolit-1
Color: Black
Stock Mount Type: AK47/АК74/AKM Fixed
Compatibility: AK-47, Saiga-12 278, Vepr Rifles *, Vepr-366 (VPO-209)
Material: Steel

Armacon AK Telescoping Stock Adapter "Monolit" allows you to install any AR-15 stock to your AK.
Adapter raises the level of the stock, so the buffer tube level matches the barrel. That means that during the shooting your barrel will stay almost flat comparing to the regular stock.

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Saiga-12 278
VPO-136 (Vepr-KM)
Vepr-366 (VPO-209)