AKM MK03 SS Jet Brake SRVV 7.62mm IPSC

AKM MK03 SS Jet Brake SRVV photo
Availability: Discontinued
SKU: 000638
Barcode: 8600000929909
Caliber: .308 Win, 7.62x39
Compatibility: AK *, Arsenal *, Hungarian AMD-65, RPK-74, Vepr Rifles *
Thread 1: 14x1-LH

AKM MK03 Stainless Steel Jet muzzle brake 7.62mm IPSC reduces weapon recoil and compensates for muzzle rise.

Large side hole made at the angle to guide jet gases backwards and compensate for weapon recoil, topside holes greatly reduce muzzle rise. Can be installed on any AK rifle with 14x1LH muzzle thread.

Enables for batter weapon control on rapid fire.

Tested and approved by President Security Force and FSB special forces unit.

Meets requirements of IPSC standards.

Muzzle brake made from Stainless Steel for better resistance to elements.

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