AK/AK47 Front Sight Adjustment Tool

AK/AK47 Front Sight Adjustment Tool photo
Availability: Backorder
SKU: Ф-505
Barcode: 8600000837853
Brand: Hartman
Color: Black
Compatibility: Saiga/Vepr Rifles
Material: Steel

AK/AK47 Front SightAdjustment Tool is a quality tool for your AK/AK/47/SKS/AK74/RPK Rifle. The AKFront Sight Adjustment Tool by Hartman allows you to adjust the windage andelevation of your AK rifle front sight. The Hartman AK Front Sight AdjustmentTool is made out of strong Carbon Steel, and has an anodized mate finish.Must have tool for any AK owner.

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