AK Rifle Bolt Carrier Sport TITAN

AK Rifle Bolt Carrier Sport TITAN photo
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SKU: Рама+шток
Barcode: 8600000828066
Brand: Vektor 7,62
Caliber: 7.62x39

IPSC lightweight AK/AKM bolt carrier assembly with Titanium gas piston. Made in Russia by Firearms Labaratory. Lightweight bolt carrier is used for sport shooting from carbines based on the AK-47, AKM. Designed to reduce the weight of moving parts. Use of Titan piston provides the ability to adjust gas distribution and significantly or completely eliminate secondary impact and completely eliminate bolt carrier impact in to the buffer. Pre-drilled and threaded hole for Left-Hand charging handle. Will fit any AK with AKM type bolt. Will not work in Saiga or Vepr bolts.

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