168A FlatSider XR13 Strapless Open Top Holster

168A FlatSider XR13 Strapless Open Top photo
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Brand: Aker Leather
Material: Leather
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The 168A FlatSider Slide XR13 is built for comfort and flat on one side with curved belt slots that provide stability and unmatched concealability. 
The premium leather is specially molded to your specific handgun to lock it into position. 
The inside of the holster is molded with a sight channel and dual muzzle plain that fits both standard and shortened barrels. It has an adjustable tension screw that also serves as a trigger guard stop. 
The FlatSider Slide XR13 is a great holster to add to your collection.

  • Our 168A FlatSider XR13 off-duty leather holster provides easy access to your firearm with an open top design for a quick, and smooth draw
  • With a mid-ride and FBI forward cant, this leather holster model sits comfortably over the hip while allowing a natural draw
  • Features a sweat shield for protection and adjustable tension screw to adjust the ease of your draw
  • Molded belt slots slide easily onto belts up to 1-3/4"

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