12Ga Brake Huntsman TT Vepr/Saiga-12

12Ga Brake Huntsman TT Vepr/Saiga-12 photo
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SKU: 001345
Barcode: 8600000924959
Brand: Tactica-Tula
Caliber: 12
Compatibility: Box Feed Shotguns *
Thread 1: 22x0.75-RH

12Ga muzzle brake Huntsman made by Russian Taktika Tulamanufacturer and features 4 chambers and jet holes in the top of the it, this uniquedesign greatly benefits recoil management and muzzle rising compensation. As aresult, this muzzle brake makes shooting more precise and ensures stability ofweapons by diminishing recoil when shotgun fired, as well as suppresses flash. Themuzzle brake Huntsman 12 is intended to be used on the hunting shotguns Vepr 12and Saiga 12 , which have an external thread M22×0,75. The product is madecompletely by turning and milling, followed by polishing to give it blue gloss.

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